Global Disc Prostheses Market is Booming with Market Strategies Adopted By Key Players

An artificial disc (also called a disc replacement, disc prosthesis or spine arthroplasty device) is a device that is implanted into the spine to imitate the functions of a normal disc (carry load and allow motion). Scope of the Report: As the downstream consumption usually follows with developed and rapid economic growth areas, such as […]

Global Therapeutic Nuclear Medicines Market Analysis by Market Segment, Demand, Trend, Forecast till 2027

Radioactive material, called radiopharmaceuticals, can be used to treat certain conditions. This is called nuclear medicine therapy. Therapeutic nuclear medicines are a pharmaceutical formulation that consists of radioactive substances (radioisotopes). Therapeutic nuclear medicines are intending for the treatment of cancer, metastatic bone pain and other diseases. The radioactive material of therapeutic nuclear medicines is capable […]